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Chef Salad
Mixed greens, onions, tomatoes with a white vinaigrette sauce                                                               6

Beet Salad
Arugula, greek yogurt, beets tossed in a mint vinaigrette sauce         6

Russian Salad
Seasoned potatoes, beets, apples, and mayonnaise 6

***Salads add-on: Choice of grilled chicken, skirt steak, or salmon


Tacu Tacu
Rice, kidney beans, crab meat, and shrimp patty       10

Lomo Saltado
Top round steak prepared in a red onion tomato stew, and French Fries       10

Croquetas de Jamon
Seasoned ham pate, hand rolled, and breaded.  Served with a light red sauce        6

Croquetas de Camaron 
Seasoned shrimp & crab pate, hand rolled                                                                                            8
and breaded.  Served with a light red sauce

Latin style meatballs accompanied with aji verde, and savory mango sauce                8

Venezuelan cornmeal cake stuffed with fresh chicken salad and avocado        8

Chorizo & Vino Tinto
Sautéed sausage in a red wine sauce.                                                                                                               8

Sweet Bolon 
Ham and cheese, sweet plantain patty. Topped with peanut sauce       6

Latin American fast food dish that consists of thinly sliced pan-fried       5
sausages and french fries, mixed together and served with ketchup, mayo, rocoto

Ropa Vieja con Mangu
Pulled top round steak, tri color peppers, and onions.                                                                                8
Served with mashed green plantains

Mofongo de Cangrejo
Fried green plantains mashed together in a pillon with garlic,                                                             10
And olive oil, filled with crab meat.

Ceviche Santiago
Tilapia, shrimp, octopus, and calamari marinated in a fresh lime juice, and                10
traditional Peruvian red pepper sauce (Mild or Spicy)

Ceviche de Camaron Ecuatoriano
Jumbo shrimp marinated in fresh lime and orange juices     10
with red onions, tomatoes, and cilantro

Papa A la Huancaina
Sliced boiled potatoes topped with a fresh cheese sauce          8

Chicken, beef, spinach, and cheese                                                                                                                   8
Latin American pastry turnover filled with a variety of savory       
ingredients and fried

Camarones al Ajillo
Garlic shrimp sautéed in spicy butter sauce.  Served with crostini      8

Polenta con Spicy Chorizo
Corn meal, Spicy sausage, Tri color peppers, Red onions, tomato sauce     8

South American delicacy served over a  bed of caramelized onions.  Toppe     10
with a sunny side up egg.  Accompanied with avocado and a tomato basil pico 


Angus skirt steak topped with chimichurri sauce 20
Served with chef salad, avocado, and choice of rice & beans or french fries.
Add-on: Sunny side up Egg       2

Pollo Encebollado
Grilled chicken breast topped with sautéed Spanish onions.         16
Served with rice, black beans and Russian salad

Escabeche de Salmon
Broiled salmon in a red wine sauce.  Served over a bed of braised spinach.         18
Accompanied with white rice, and tostones

Arroz con Picadillo
Seasoned ground beef, olives, onions, garlic tossed in a light house-made tomato sauce       16
Served with white rice. 

Pargo Frito 
Whole red snapper served with chaufa rice, topped with spicy fresh Pico de Gallo.        22
Accompanied with tostones.


French Fries   Yuca (Boiled/Fried)
White Rice   Black Beans
Maduros   Side Salad



       Flan   6
       Tres Leches 6
       Arroz con Leche 6

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